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Frankies Electrician was established with the goal of serving Calabasas commercial and residential customers, providing electrical repair and installation services. At Frankies Electrician, we employ licensed and insured electricians who are constantly upgrading the skills to ensure market competitiveness as well as efficient service delivery. In addition, at Frankies Electrician, we have invested in the best quality electrical equipment ensuring that our customers are served in a fast and efficient manner. Therefore, by trusting Frankies Electrician for electrical installations and repair, you are assured a high-quality service. We adhere to all safety regulations and we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive 100% satisfaction.

At Frankies Electrician, we understand the need for immediate response when clients report electrical failures. Therefore, if you are experiencing frequent electrical issues, just talk to our experts and we will respond quickly. We have years of experience performing detailed electrical troubleshooting. Therefore, we understand the different causes of electrical faults. This allows Frankies Electrician to deliver a fast electrical repair restoring power connectivity.

To schedule for our services, talk to our customer representatives through the office telephone line (805) 973-0311. Here is an overview of the services offered at Frankies Electrician.

Services We Offer

Lighting Installation Services

Frankies Electrician understands the different requirements when it comes to lighting installation. Whether for commercial, residential or landscape lighting, come to us for the best solutions. When it comes to cost-effective lighting solutions, you can always rely on Frankies Electrician. We provide the latest lighting solutions ensuring that your home looks modern. Therefore, when you come to Frankies Electrician for lighting installation, you are assured a perfect work.


Ceiling Fan Installation in Calabasas

When a ceiling fan is required, it is very important you hire a professional technician. The ceiling fan provides a reliable solution when the heat and humidity become a serious problem. Frankies Electrician will provide stylish and comfortable ceiling fans to ensure you are enjoying the performance. whether for a home or office, it is important that you choose the right size of the ceiling fan. As experienced ceiling fan installers, we shall provide you the best solutions and advice to make sure the ceiling fan fits the use, providing optimal performance.

Smart Home Installation

At Frankies Electrician, we are the providers of smart home solutions. We have years of experience delivering home automation solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the customer. If your commercial office requires smart solutions, we are the experts to work with. We understand the importance of smart home solutions in ensuring the convenience of our customers. Therefore, when you hire us, you are assured that we shall provide the best solutions and at pocket-friendly pricing.


EV Charging Station Installation

The electric vehicles have become a popular investment among Calabasas residents. To ensure convenience when it comes to recharging the Electric Vehicles, ensure that you have a private use EV charging station. Frankies Electrician provides a good solution when it comes to installation of the EV charging station. Talk to our experts and we will help you ensuring the installation of the appropriate EV charging station.

Switch Installation Services

For installation of electric switches, hire a trusted contractor. This is so as to be assured that the installation process will be compliant with the codes and standards. Talk to Frankies Electrician for the best switch installation service. We provide a fast and reliable service ensuring that our customers are comfortable.


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24 Hour Electrical Installation and Repair

Frankies Electrician provides the same day electrical installation and repair service. For several years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied. When you come to us, we guarantee you a fast and efficient service delivery. Call Frankies Electrician today.